One more time with Tetris, then I’ll drop it… I promise!

May 18, 2010 at 2:20 pm (Gaming, Programming/Development, Projects)

I can’t seem to stop adding features to my Tetris clone that I initially said I was going to leave out! It’s difficult to look at something you produce knowing that it is “missing” features that you know you could just take a few minutes to add. *sigh* The burdens of game development 😉

I went ahead and added functionality to display the “next piece”. It was just too important to the Tetris gameplay experience that I couldn’t leave it out and still feel ok about it.

Anyway, the game is still available here.

On a quick side-note:
The Android game project is still coming along. We are working on taking the existing game design doc and fleshing out a tech doc. After that step is complete we will begin coding the beast!
Exciting stuff!


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