XNA Tetris clone & Mobile development update

April 7, 2010 at 1:52 pm (Gaming, Programming/Development, Projects)

First thing’s first:
I’m about finished with my XNA Tetris clone. The only feature left to implement is the game-over state.
I don’t plan on making this a fully featured Tetris knock-off with special effects, scoring and multiple game modes. The objective with this project was really a proof-of-concept for me; verification that I could develop the core gameplay mechanics and logic… the rest is fluff 🙂
Once I get that last part completed, I’ll upload the game and source for anyone interested in developing a Tetris-style game. I tried to keep it pretty thoroughly commented and clear.
Here’s a preview of the game screen (note my incredible artistic talents):
XNA Tetris

In other news:
The iPhone game that I was slated to work on is going to be completed without me. Well, technically, it’s going to be completed without my friend (mentioned in the previous post) or myself. It turns out the developer who is currently working on it is only about 1 month from code-complete and my friend and I don’t feel that it’d be in our best interest to try to cram and learn Objective-C for this project if it’d be finished a week after we are ready to go!
Instead, we are going to focus on Android as a development platform. The group that we are working with on this game plans on shifting to Android after this initial iPhone release anyway, so we are going to come in once they are ready for porting and future Android development.
There are added benefits to developing for Android as opposed to iPhone that also influenced our decision. The primary ones are that a Mac is not required for development and there are Android phones across multiple providers. Now, I know that these hurdles can be overcome with some h@x0ring and unlocked phones, respectively – but we already run Windows/Linux and we want to target the mass market, not just tech-savvy mobile device users.
Oh, and I already have an Android phone… so it’ll be easier to test our stuff on an actual device 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for today!
Next post will have the source for my XNA Tetris clone!


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